Conversion Feldmeilen

A simp­le fire­place, which was pla­ced free-stan­ding in a cubistic body, was con­ver­ted into a tun­nel fire­place, which can be used from both sides.

The ent­i­re cubistic body was exten­ded by 1.70 meters.

In addi­ti­on, it was framed in a hand­ma­de laye­red con­struc­tion of solid bron­ze.

By deco­n­struc­ting a brick par­ti­ti­on wall, two children’s rooms beca­me one bedroom. Thus the new­ly gai­ned room size enab­les a pan­or­amic view of the lake and moun­tain world.

A for­mer TV/cinema room was tur­ned into a mys­ti­cal, second living room — for the col­der days. The exis­ting par­quet floo­ring was com­ple­te­ly remo­ved and repla­ced by a light oak par­quet. A spe­cial ligh­t­ing of the warm, dark green paint on the walls crea­tes a rela­xed ambi­ence.

Project Type



1 March – end of April 2020




Feldmeilen (Zurich)